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Welcome to the Western Trade Exchange tCashe web site.

Serving the El Paso Southwest since 1977,   tCashe is a cooperative group using a combination debit/credit card with a basis in trade activity to provide zero interest financing and increased business and profit.

The tCashe group uses a card which is also a discount buying charge card for individuals and/or businesses.  A tCashe account is a zero interest charge account for businesses or individuals.

The tCashe card is literally capable of creating new customers and business which would otherwise not occur at a given business.


For businesses, the benefits of new customers, added business,  zero interest financing, and the advertising provided by WTE and its member businesses can increase profits and improve cash flow.  We like to claim we can prove the profits gained by each business member.  If your business has any spare capacity, and is not operating near 100% capability, you should investigate bringing some new customers by affiliating with a tCashe account.  Click here to go directly to Business Accounts page and join us.  Be sure to check the "double your money" join up deal.

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This Web Site

This site provides descriptions and information abut the tCashe Exchange and how it works.
This site also contains links to three public service Forums at the top of the page. These are the Freecycle El Paso site, the EP Barter Group site and the tCashe_Free site.    The EP Barter Group is a person to person trading group and the Freecycle site is a group dedicated to recycling by gifting.   The tCashe_Free site is an account based trading group which operates on a debit balance only.  These are all free and open to the public.  These forums are free to all and a lot of fun.  Come join us!

 May we suggest:   Click on your Favorites or Bookmark and add this page to return when you would like an El Paso / Southwest good deal, barter or discount.  You may communicate via E-mail to:  tdir-at-tcashe.com.   Please replace the -at- with the @ sign.

A tCashe card  helps members profit
A tCashe card can help you profit
A tCashe card helps your community
And you are invited to participate

tCashe - "The Better Business Credit Card"

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